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He is always inhaling smoke. He has body marked with bruises. He is lean and brutal by nature. Ketu Cats eye.

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Ketu horse gram. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu govern the touch. The places belonging to Rahu and Ketu are the ant- hills, the dark holes of serpents and the south-western quarter. Rahu rules the outcaste while Ketu governs mixed caste.

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The Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu rule Jeevas. How Rahu and Ketu are different from each other Though mythology describes them as the same person-Swarbhanu and astrology agrees that they are parts of the same person, yet they are not the same. In fact they are not even similar, rather opposites in some areas. Astrologically Ketu is like Mars and Rahu like Saturn.

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Ketu represents Matsya avatar and Rahu Varaha. Ketu takes you towards the world of reality and enhances your awareness level, Rahu further disillusions. Ketu works inwardly and Rahu outwardly. Rahu has the power to overcome the Moon, while Ketu has the power to overcome the Sun, Moon has control over one's sensitivity and emotions.

The beliefs, ego and one's own confident inner self is controlled by the Sun. Ketu in Mundane It is a significator of spiritual salvation and moksha. It signifies destruction, war, secret plots, strife, self-immolation and suicide. Dacoits, treachery, war, death in battlefield.

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Sudden success and failure. Ready-made clothes, watches, time pieces, clocks, television, computers and foreign languages. Non-Hindus, liquors, drugs, conspiracies, murders, espionage, epidemics of virulent nature like leprosy, cancer, plague and skin eruptions Spies and bankruptcies. It also represents Sikhs. Phaldeepika Chapter 10 - Shloka 25 During the dasha of Ketu the person will suffer from sorrow and confusion caused by females, trouble from the rich and loss of wealth. He will do injustice to others. He will be banished from his country.

He will suffer from dental trouble, pain in the leg and phlegmatic troubles. Ketu in 12 Houses The impact of the planet in a house is modified with the rashi he is in association with and aspects on it. All classics state that Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are malefics. Therefore the effect of Ketu would be more bad than good in the worldly sense but it would initiate spirituality.

Ketu in the Lagna Phaldeepika - Ungrateful, unhappy, tale-bearer, associates with unsocial elements. Deformed body.

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Fallen from position and an outcaste. My observation: It gives a mysterious personality. The person can spiritually evolve as he has a depth and insights of matters beyond the mundane. It gives hypersensitivity. A fiery determination when in the fixed signs. Spurts of anger, irrespective of the sign headache, ill health of spouse, tension, piles, and assertiveness, success in spiritual field and in professional life. Ketu essentially gives the result of the lord of the house it is in and its association there so in the ascendant it behaves like the Lagna lord. In case of Amitabh Bacchan Ketu should behave like the Ascendant lord as it is aspected only by the ascendant lord Saturn in the fourth.

Ketu in the Second House Phaldeepika - Bereft of learning. Speaks harshly Have a sinister appearance. Will be dependent on food from others. Ketu conjunct with a malefic or aspected by a malefic severs relationship with co-borns and relations. Destroys property. Gives anguish and disease and company of inferiors. Sarvarth Chintamani - "During the ruling period of Ketu located in the 2nd house the person suffers loss of wealth. Ketu gives curt speech in the 2nd house. Contaminated food and mental trouble" My observation: Gives harsh speech.

The person is quick in perception. He is peevish, has a tendency to economize. Derives benefits from travel.

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Ketu in the third house Phaldeepika - Long-lived, powerful and renowned. He will live happily with his wife and will eat good food; but he will be deprived of a brother. According to Mr. Rao Ketu in third makes a person a group leader.

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The person is popular, artistic and strong. Ketu in the 4th house Phaldeepika - The person will live in another man's house and will lose his lands, mother and happiness. He will be forced to leave his native land. My observations: Ketu in the fourth house makes a person respectful to god and others. But at the same time he will have a bad health and tendency to quarrel and will be licentious. He will live in a foreign country and may have a weak heart. Ketu in the 5th house Phaldeepika - Deprives the person of children. He will be evil minded and will be oppressed by evil spirits My observations: It gives interest in the mysterious and the unknown.

Not much happiness from children.

More daughters. He is sinful and immoral. Ketu in 6th the house Phaldeepika - Will is magnanimous. Have good qualities, firm, renowned and will be vested with high authority. He will be able to vanquish his enemies and will be successful in obtaining Ishta Siddhi.

My Observations: Gives the capacity to fight back. Gives confidence in the self. Will have many enemies. Gives happiness and long life. Ketu in the 7th house Phaldeepika - Will suffer humiliation. Will associate with fallen women and will be separated from his own wife.


He will suffer from the disease of the bowel and may lose his potency. My observations: In the seventh house Ketu reflects passion and strong influence of a person on others. It also makes the proud, sinful and habituated to make false promises. It gives disease. It deprives one of happiness in married life. Gives impotency when associated with other malefics. Gives foreign connection. Quarrelsome and short-lived. Suffers injury from weapon. Maansagari: Suffers from disease like piles, suffers from fear from fall from elephants, horse, vehicles.

According to chamatkar chintamani a person with Ketu in 8th can eye others wealth and wife. Jatak Parijat: If Ketu is in the 8th with a benefic it gives prosperity and will not reduce longevity. My observation: Can have supernatural powers. May sense death in advance. Deprives family happiness. Gives disease and obstructions. Death from a weapon. Ketu in the 9th house Phaldeepika - Will indulge in sinful and unrighteous acts.

Will be deprived of his father. Will be unfortunate, poverty stricken and will defame others.