Left eye flickering female astrology

Ears :— Right — You will see success ahead. Friends and relations remember you. Cheeks :- Right cheek — If right cheek flutters you will be having guests friends or relatives coming to your house, domestic harmony. If left cheek flutters, ill health, some kind of depression it shows.

Opposite for female. This is about facial parts. Shoulders :- If right shoulder twitches, inflow of money, gains, recovery of unexpected money. Left shoulder:- expenditures and may be loss of money. Opposite shoulders for female. Elbows :- Right — Good news. Left — Bad news. Arms :- Right — Good, new dresses. Left — Benefits and good time. Hands :- Right — Expenditure. Left — You will get money.

Chest Nipples :- Right — Loss in the family. Bad news. Left — Good news. Reverse in case of males.

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If whole chest throbbs, it shows unknown fear. Abdomen :- Gases and a normal time ahead. Lower Parts :- Testicles :- May be some illegal relationship with somebody. Thighs :- Right — Nothing much. Left — Difficult domestic affairs and difficult situations at home. Knees :- Right — Good luck, gains and good news.

Left — Bad news and troublesome times ahead, gossiping about you. Calf :- Right — Gains, good life and comfortable time. Left — Difficulties, troubles, hurdles and unsuccessful ventures. Anckles : — Right — You will receive money. Left — You will pay out money. Feet :- Feet is divided into two parts.

Upper and Lower feet or soles. Upper part — Talked about. A journey ahead, going to new surroundings. Middle of soles of feet :- You might step on dirt while walking. This will gradually get rid of the cold issues. If you feel heaviness in your stomach , which makes you not want to eat - add a tablespoon of triphala powder in a glass of water at night and drink it in the morning after straining it.

Left right (बायीं / दायीं) आँख का फडकना शुभ या अशुभ – उलटी सीधी आँख का फडकना क्या होता है मतलब अर्थ

This will give you energy and make you feel lighter. Otherwise, if you like munakka, then start eating about 4 munakka which had been pre-soaked in milk.

Palmistry Guru: Body Parts Twitching Astrology

Another remedy is to add a spoon of honey to a cup of water, stir it and then drink it. All of these will help will you become stronger. This should prove helpful. This will help your reputation - something which should remain positive when you are at a high rank.

If you have some kind of vani-dosh , take 3 beads from the kamala-gatta bead and wear them around your neck. Do the mantra "om saraswatyay namaha". To bring about prosperity in the home , keep kuber yantra and worship it regularly. If a child has problems studying , then have him meditate for at least 5 minutes in front of Maa Saraswati. Whenever you feel unstable in your career - fill 5 copper containers with some sweets made of besan and donate them on a Sunday - do this for 11 Sundays.

People whose mind line and life line do not run together on the palm usually take their decisions on their own without any consideration for whether the decision will be in accordance to others.

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  8. If the gap between the 2 lines is big, it causes problems in one's married life. As a remedy, such people shouldn't wear much of red colored clothing, donate sweets batasha on Tuesdays, and wear a silver chain around their neck to keep Venus positive. If you have too much pain in the body, stop eating very cold and sour things. Do not sleep till late and also do not sleep in the time period from afternoon till evening. If the relations between the husband and wife are deteriorating , then they should stop eating bananas and instead plant a banana tree together on a Thursday once a month.

    If you have ulcers in the mouth , then apply some glycerine on them. If the ulcers are mature, then apply cow's ghee on them. If you keep getting ulcers, then stop eating cold and sour things and start drinking more water, make sure you eat within an hour after sunset - don't eat late in the night, don't eat food that's too hot, and start drinking liquorice tea. If you get allergies during the winter season, then take some "aamba" turmeric and make small pill-like balls of it by mixing it with a bit of water.

    Take 2 of these on an empty stomach in the mornings. It should help. This is so the electronic items don't cause any problems and the child becomes more sensible. If you have pain in your legs , one of the causes could be gas in the body.

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    Do take some ajwain and hing regularly and also apply ajwain oil on your legs. If you dream of animals in your dreams - especially if you see animals that are carnivorous - like lions, then that's a good sign. If you see animals like deer who are running around, then you need to be careful. Animals that roar but don't do anything to you in your dreams, show that you will succceed in your endeavors. If you have pain in your bones during winters then apply sesame seed oil and then take shower.

    This may be related to high uric acid levels hyperuricemia too so make sure you get some medical advice if the pain persists.


    If your siblings keep getting angry with you, then donate red clothes to them or to your aunt father's sister. Offer supari to lord Ganesha if you have any confusion about your caree r and ask your isht for a solution to the problem you're having. You can also pray to kuber yantra or the mahalaxmi or shri yantra if you wish. If you experience a lot of headache during the winters , add some ginger pieces and black pepper powder to honey eat this mixture frequently, it should prove helpful.

    If your left eye keeps twitching , then donate some cooked food to a poor person and pray to your God to get rid of the upcoming problem so you don't have any bad effects from it.

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    Indian Beliefs, Superstitions, and Hindu Astrology

    People who feel very cold in the winters and very hot in summers may be anemic, but they can do an astrological remedy too. They should do some donations on Purnamaasi; sit in front of the Moon and chant "om shram shreem shrom sah chandramasay namah". Also, they should pray to the Sun every morning and only then go about their daily activities. Doing pranayam and anulom-vilom will also be very beneficial. They should also eat honey and dalchini regularly.