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Sweets are also one of the items of Venus. Features and Qualities of Venus according to the KP Astrology The creative skills or the creativity to present something differently comes within the person through Venus. Social services and nursing others are also influenced by Venus. The person who works at the reception counters of hotels and other business foundations has the influence of Venus in his birth chart.

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Impact of Malefic Venus on Health according to the KP Astrology Venus is also analysed for eye sight of the native therefore if there is any inauspicious effect on Venus in the birth chart the person may suffer from sight related problems. When Venus and Saturn forms a relationship in the birth chart the person likes drinking and smoking due to which he may get health problems.

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Inauspicious influence of Venus may reduce the beauty of the person. Professions related to Venus according to the KP Astrology Venus is the karak planet ofarts, music and beauty. The profession of an artist, painter, actor, musician, singer, dancer, photographer and other professions related to art and creativity are under the influence of Venus.

Education and Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha)

The make-up artist, designer and painter are also influenced by Venus. The profession related to cosmetics and beauty products also related to Venus.


The intoxicated elements, sale-purchase of vehicles, decorative things, business of bangles come under the influence of Venus. Business fields of Venus according to the KP Astrology Those who make decorative things such as the professions of flower decorating to interior designing are related to Venus. Business related to Synthetic fabrics, decorative things made up of glass, flowers and creative things made up of flowers are all related to Venus.

Places of Venus according to the KP Astrology Dancing and singing academies, film, theatre and marriage halls are also the areas of Venus. Nursery of plants and flowers, fragrance and perfumes, parking lots, bedrooms, beds and paintings are also related to Venus. Article Categories: KP Astrology. Industries have grown to a large scale in today's times. Also there are various legal aspects in the government tax services, which has made it difficult for a common man to calculate the exact sum of his income and expenditures and then pay tax.

That is why, for all these purposes the importance of Chartered Accountants is growing rapidly. To become a Chartered Accountant, a person should obtain knowledge in the subjects of commerce and mathematics, and some practical knowledge from a vocational institute. These examinations are a little difficult to pass and it may not be possible for everyone.

Benefits & Advantages

The occupation of a Chartered Accountant in today's time has high reputation, fame and money. The relationship of planets of Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn is considered good for this occupation.

Necessary Houses: Second, sixth, tenth, twelfth and fifth house and Chartered Accountant Career From the perspective of Astrology, the second house is the house of income and wealth. Sixth house is the house of competitions and law. Tenth house is the house of action and twelfth house of tax and revenue. Fifth house is the house of advice. These houses together point towards becoming a Chartered Accountant.

However, to master this field a person should acquire higher level education. The Ascendant lord, tenth-lord, fifth-lord, ninth-lord, second-lord are very important in the birth-chart. Because due to the auspicious positions of these houses, a person is employed on high post or receives high education. As a result, a person is able to reap benefits and fame in his life. In matters of Chartered Accountant, the sixth and the twelfth house are very important, because these help to know about those associated with tax and audit.

Jupiter is the kaarak of funds and consultation and Mercury is the kaarak of accounts. Mercury provides a person with the ability to handle accounts, but success in competitions can be obtained through Mars. Usually, the influence of Mars has to be more on the second house or on the lord of the second house. However, the person who is expert in mathematics steps in this field. Because the entire work of a Chartered Accountant is making accounts and doing calculations.

The relationship of Mars and Saturn is also important, as people who are more inclined towards raising revenue and saving tax have to seek help of these malefic planets. The accountants with an influence of Mars and Saturn in their birth-charts work more to protect their tax and raise their revenue. In the birth-chart of a Chartered Accountant, the relation of Amatyakaarak is with the second house or with the lord of the second house.

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The nature of Amatyakaarak planet shows the specification of a Chartered Accountant. For instance, if Mercury is the planet of Amatyakaarak, the person will work in the field of audit and accounts.

When Amatyakaarak is related to the second, fifth and eleventh house, a person progresses in his profession. This Yoga provides success to a person to become a Chartered Accountant. Role of Periods and Chartered Accountant Career In the beginning of the occupation, the lord of the periods should have a relationship with the sixth and the tenth house and with Amatyakaarak planet.

Because in Astrology success is determined through the periods.