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A more modern version of Juno would include anyone who feels very identified with their partner or with being in a relationship. Discover your soul mate with this Tarot reading…. While often Juno was represented in stories as a jealous wife, her astrological influence goes far beyond that stereotype. Juno in astrology refers to the third asteroid discovered in our solar system in Currently, Juno sits on her throne in Cancer and is in close conjunction with the north node, trine Neptune and opposite Saturn.

This current placement speaks to our collective movement towards emotional connections and intelligence in both business and romantic partnerships. The Juno placement in our natal astrology chart reveals our key motivators for being in a relationship as well as our core wounds related to attachment. Through a comparison of its placement at our birth and current transit, we can come into a deeper understanding of how to navigate our cosmic connections.

Because Juno presides over lasting marriage and business partnerships, the asteroid can offer clues about the type of person we marry or find it easy to commit to. These energies help us differentiate between being attracted to someone and short-term satisfaction versus what is a good long-term fit for us. In the more positive expression in our chart, Juno shows us what balanced partnership can be and how we can create both togetherness and individuality in close relationships.

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This archetype assists us in finding ways to honor both personal purpose and connection through commitment, equality, and loyalty. However, the shadow side of Juno can be similar to the mythology, and include power struggles, jealousy, or manipulation. Are you astrologically compatible? I tend to think of the sign placement as the main motivating factor for relationship and the house as a possible location of where you may meet them.

As Juno often deals with building a life and home, the house placement holds more importance in exploring this part of the chart than with other asteroids. Below is a basic guide by sign and house to uncovering Juno in your natal chart and coming more into contact with your future or current cosmic connections:. Aries or in 1 st House : Partners who keep you inspired and active. Keep an eye out for passion that leads too far into drama Juno and Jupiter were both known to take things too far…even after years of marriage. Keep your eyes peeled at the gym or while you are out and about.

Taurus or 2 nd House : Craves partnership centered on stability and physical security such as financial resources. Beware a possible materialistic desire instead of one focused on grounded connection. Ideal long-term partners may pop-up through friends of friends or a matchmaker. Juno in Gemini or 3 rd House : This placement seeks mental stimulation as well as someone else to bounce ideas off or communicate often with possibly even too much.

Shadow side of Gemini Juno could be social without one-on-one relating. Learning environments could be prime places to meet a partner.


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Juno in Cancer or 4 th House : A key desire is finding a nurturing partner to build a deep emotional connection and home life. Sometimes too much Cancerian energy moves into being a parent instead of partner watch out for that tendency. This could be a relationship that happens over time or meet through family friends or religious institutions.

Prepare to be absolutely astonished by who your soulmate is, according to your Juno sign. Your Juno sign expresses what you need from your partner in order for the relationship to last. A relationship can be gloriously passionate, but that doesn't mean it'll survive all the trials and tribulations of life. It doesn't mean that 30 years from now, you'll still find them interesting.

If you don't know what your Juno sign is, check out this birth chart calculator and uncover it. Then read on to find out, once and for all, what type of person you need to be with for the long haul:. Your soulmate is fiery, assertive, full of energy, and a self-starter. They might even be a bit aggressive but this is only because they care so much. A partner without a fire burning beneath their actions will bore you or even make you feel insignificant.

Your soulmate won't be afraid to create limitless electricity with you. Your soulmate is dependable, stable, and wholeheartedly committed to you.

Asteroids & Astrology 101: Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta & Lilith

They'll provide you with grounding energy so that you never have to worry where you stand. They show their love by being a provider.


A partner who doesn't give you a sense of safety and security will leave you feeling helpless and worried. Your soulmate's arms are all the protection you need. Your soulmate knows exactly what to say and when to say it. You need someone who understands you and communicates with you all their thoughts and feelings in their own unique way.

A quiet partnership won't suit you and will make you feel lonely and misunderstood. Your soulmate will be an endless open book for you to read. Your soulmate is family-oriented, tender, and caring. They are an infinite supply of affection and understanding. Nurturing the home you share together will always be their top priority. A partner who is never home and doesn't value family will leave you feeling empty and hopeless. Your soulmate, instead, is your home. Your soulmate is a shining star to all who know them and together, you light up the sky. They're motivated to be the best they can be, to be important to their community, and their playfulness surprises you every day.

A partner who prefers to remain in the shadows will make you feel unfulfilled. Your soulmate will be a ceaseless source of excitement. Your soulmate is a hard worker and they motivate you to better yourself every day. They lovingly critique you and help you understand what needs to be done in order to reach your fullest potential.

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A partner who's content with idleness, who doesn't care how well you do in life, will frustrate you to no end. Your soulmate is as much a coach as they are a lover. Your soulmate is beautiful — and I don't mean that in a superficial sense. They show you beauty, they care about beauty, and fill you with it every day.

They take time to luxuriate and appreciate the extra details. A partner who doesn't value embellishments in life will leave you yearning for something more.

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